Southern Scotch

Southern Scotch

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Time and the Art of Midlist Monstering

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that time--and timing--can be as important as talent in major undertakings. 
--Though our own book has been in development for well over a decade, 'the juggernaut' arrives next year.  The storylines could hardly be more different, but the projects do share one key ingredient.  Best case scenario:  synergy between the two.  And yet the pressure's on us to complete our book before the juggernaut arrives.
--The usual collaborative method--alternating chapters--didn't work for us.  'Nuff said.  Instead, our own MO evolved, one that fits well with the theme of the book.  One of us is always doing one thing or another and, without getting on each other's nerves, we need to keep communication lines open 24/7.
--We also needed to decide on when to start querying agents.  Though they prefer completed manuscripts, and some insist on exclusive reads, the juggernaut's arrival factors into our approach.  Works in progress can be sold--and examples do abound.  Or we may find an agent who loves what s/he sees and is willing to wait a few months for The End.  Strategy:  pre-queries to five dream agents.  One positive response so far. 

Whoops, my watch is beeping--time to get back to my part in the book!

Reb MacRath
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