Southern Scotch

Southern Scotch

Friday, September 16, 2011

How Facebooking Freed Me

I've carried a weight that crushed me for nearly fifteen years:  what should have been a source of pride and consolation.  I mean the four novels I published.  But I'd come to hear the death knoll sound, in my own mind, when these books were mentioned:  What?  Those four old books that only sold about 10K copies each?  That old guy?  Etc.

But I made a bold decision after a decade and a half of pussyfooting.  I'd be upfront on Facebook about the previous pen name, my publishers and the dates of publication.  I also decided to reach out to friends and colleagues I'd drifted from as the sense of my failure crushed me. 

Result:  in just a week I've built up a small but solid base of friends.

Resolution:  continue to explore FB as not only a tool but an art.  Today I learned how to pull up lists of upcoming birthdays and I'll be paying closer and closer attention to how the masters use FB:  David Morrell and Ray Garton are two of the savviest teachers around.

I've known from the start that new footwork will be required for this game.  So let's get to it daily with a more fearless spirit.


  1. To anyone who's tried and failed to leave a comment, I just did by: hitting the comments bar...selecting Anonymous from the Comment as menu...then performing the little word verification test. Lot of work to go through, but a way that's doable at least.


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