Southern Scotch

Southern Scotch

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Reb MacRath laughs as he stumbles and learns

The list of things that I don't know could reduce a filled stadium to tears of helpless laughter:  Here are just a few E.g.'s:

--I don't know what Twittering is, though it does seem to be all the rage.
--For my life, I can't figure out how visitors to this blog are supposed to leave their comments.
--I still don't know how to get the god in the machine to grant me Google dings.

Enough, enough!  If it's electronic, I don't know it.  And if it's computer-related, I know it even less. 

But if becoming a star were easy, everyone would do it.  Do I stumble?  Yeah, you bet.  But I'll tell you something:  there's a crackle in my eyes and fire in my belly as I set out to feed the god in this machine...mastering the Online Speed Hustle. 

Gotta go.  For I've advanced to a better class of problems, superior to my old woes in every way.  These are problems worthy of a rogue like Reb MacRath!

Reb MacRath
The Electrifying New Internet Sensation!


  1. Glad I found this thread, Reb--after Google kept referring me to ROB McRath, it asked me if I meant REB, as I'd typed. I suggest keep searching for your name till 'the god in the machine' gets it right.

  2. Note from Reb: Thanks, Anonymous. You're darn right I'll feed the god in the machine. Daily, whopping feeds of relentless searches for poor Reb!


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