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Southern Scotch
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Friday, September 23, 2011

Reb MacRath Plays High-Stakes Cards with 50 Cent and Robert Greene

It's true.  I play Five Card Draw with both:  a life or death version invented by me and based on their great book, The 50th Law.  The book is both a study of fearlessness, each of its ten chapters covering a separate front...and it's also a thrilling chronicle of 50's rise to fame and wealth through mastery of all ten, including the new Wild West we know as the Web.

Now, self help books, like diets and books about how to quit smoking, are mostly doomed to fail.  Then readers move on to the next...and the next...The great trick is to find a way to keep the wind behind our sails once we've set course and reality hits and we feel ourselves drifting from our hot resolve.

How could I keep this incredible book from falling by the wayside with others that changed into yesterday's trash?  I needed a way to keep the ten principles fresh in my mind--and, at the same time, to keep the fire burning in my belly.  Also, I needed to jack up the ante, recording my progress and playing for keeps, compelling myself to take more and more risks.

Result:  the daily game of Five Card Draw I play with 50 Cent and Robert Greene.  Real cards.  Real risks.

Gotta go.  I've just drawn today's cards and once again I'm up against two supreme hustlers who know how to play.  In the audience, inside my head, the seats are filled with stars I love:  Rod Stewart, Lady Gaga, Roarin' Al Pacino, Lord Byron, Richard Boone...Their smiles tell me 'Go, boy.'  And I begin to play my hand.


  1. Note from Reb: A reminder to everyone that you can leave comments by hitting the Comments button...identifying yourself, as I've done, if you choose...then entering Anonymous in the 'Comment as' field. Best solution I can find to the recurring comments problem.

  2. This note's from Johnnie Allegro. I'm inspired by knowing you play cards with 50 Cent. And on a nightly basis? Wow! Sayyyy, I've been trying to reach Lord Byron for years. How'd you get him in the crowd? :)

  3. You're a dynamo! How do you think these things up?! Sounds like the game of a lifetime. May I watch? ---- Felicia/@MzGemini1978

  4. Thanks. You can watch anytime. But--50 cheats.


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