Southern Scotch

Southern Scotch

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Helllllllllppppppp! Has Anyone Seen Kelley Wilde?

You'll be hard-pressed to find former horror author Kelley Wilde on Google.  I know because I've looked...and I looked because I was Kelley Wilde.  You'll find a Kelley Cunningham Wilde and a Kelley Cotter Wilde (listed in Contemporary authors, but with no information preovided).  And if you look under The Suiting or Makoto or Angel Kiss or Mastery, you'll eventually stumble onto the forgotten name.

And in one way this is for the best.  Kelley Wilde has done far more than simply take on a new name--he has been reborn as two writers pooling their brains and their talents to defeat the dreadful Midlist curse.  Oh, vanity may still object to see one's name go up in smoke.   But there's liberation here as well--and an almighty lesson:  Protect your name and preserve it through artful online maneuvers. 

I shall do this now as follows:  Kelley Wilde is alive and well, forty-five pounds lighter,  working on a big new book with his partner Brad Strickland.  The opening pages will be shown to a carefully chosen group of five Beta readers in mid-November.

And for those who've missed the announcement:  the last, horrifying photo of Kelley Wilde will appear on Facebook November 10, alongside a jawdropping photo of the monster reborn as a boytoy.  The gospel truth from:

Reb MacRath
The Electrifying New Internet Sensation

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