Southern Scotch

Southern Scotch

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Midlist Monster Arrives

Reb MacRath is the pen name of two published, award-winning authors pooling their talents together to defeat The Midlist Curse.  Things are tough all over, yes.  But the changes in the publishing industry have led numerous high-powered agents to claim that it's easier to sell a new writer than one who's published and spent years perfecting his or her craft.

The half of Team MacRath who began this blog published four novels with two major houses...won an international award...had his first novel optioned for film...and has spent the past fifteen years battling The Midlist Curse.  (One of the nation's top agents claimed the author had written "possibly the greatest Christmas story ever written--but one that can never be published".)  The other half of Team MacRath has published sixty novels ranging from horror to sci/fi to mystery to YA--yet his new proposals are getting thumbs down.

Our project:  an epic mystery concerning a revenge plan that spans fifty years.  The book itself was first conceived about fifteen years ago and has taken this long to gel.  The hero, a Southern Scot, is more than a little bit different from other mysery/action heroes. 

The plotline?  Well, it's strong enough that we find ourselves battling a juggernaut--a sort of distant relation--scheduled to arrive next year.

We'll need to learn some new footwork if our baby's to survive.  And I thought it might fun to chronicle our progress here as two SOGs (Slightly Older Guys) learn how to boogie and blog, fighting for their lives to master the electronic hustle.

Tune in for more reports!

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