Southern Scotch

Southern Scotch

Monday, April 23, 2012

The god in the machine goes 'Ding!'

The Web experiment here continues with the upgrading of my website from free to Pro status.  By doing this, I've graduated from a company sponsored subdomain to my own domain:

I've also gotten rid of the Webstarts banner at the bottom of each page and have expanded my page capacity, etc.

Webstarts fed my site info to the search engines, resulting in a near-instant appearance of Reb, instead of Rob, MacRath listings:  about 2 pages' worth already.  For an additional fee, later on this year, I'll acquire  monthly feeds, guaranteed to drive 'massive traffic' to the site.

I'll post further updates when I'm better able to gauge the new results.  Next step will be to add a page that changes monthly, bringing visitors back (fingers crossed).

Stay tuned!


  1. Thanks, David. And you'll want to stay tuned--for you'll be one of a few names to appear on the new page. I think I may call it Forwards. As in Paying it Forward. Something like that. And there I'll offer toots for the small handful of people on FB and Twitter who've offered kind words or a Like. Still in development. I may even offer a Book of the Month review, Reb-style: 10-20 words, max, to keep the page uncluttered. Check it out!


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