Southern Scotch

Southern Scotch

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hot Toots and Poledance Toots

What began as a small joke on Twitter has changed quickly into something else.  My goal was to motivate others to do one of two things:  either like the Facebook fan page for my new book or enter an Amazon Like.  But we're all strapped for time these days and tugged in a dozen directions. 

I made an offer that went nowhere for the first couple of days:  'Hot Toots' on my website,, for those who entered a Like either way.  One Like came in, then two...And, as they did, I published the promised toots for cooperating authors and their work, announcing the awards on Twitter.  Meanwhile, several writers had provided extraordinary help that called for something greater than a Hot Toot.  These friends had merited...wait...ah, yes...Poledance Toots!  They are listed on the website separately and the Twitter announcements celebrate their receipt of the coveted, prestigious awards.

A bit silly, perhaps.  Then again, maybe not.  How often do we get or give thanks in the bloody arena?  How often do we sieze the chance to honor or to help another gladiator?

Hey, someday I may even get a good Poledance Toot in return.

For the record:  you can Like the Amazon listing at

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