Southern Scotch

Southern Scotch

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Will You Lead With Your Right Or Your Left?

So!  You've written a bevvy of beauties and you hardly know where to begin as you set to e-book your way through the game.  I certainly wondered, I'll tell you, with about ten books I'd written during my time in the desert, pounding that hellish hot sand.  The books fell into main groups:  dark little Christmas thrillers and crime novels.  One of the crime novels seemed the safest thing to lead with.  Logic talking.  Business sense. 

But between the two groups stood the strangest book I've ever written, THE VANISHING MAGIC OF SNOW:  a thriller about the recession...magic...stage rivalry...draft dodgers in Canada in the Seventies...the Canadian literary scene...revenge...time travel...and one man's fierce attempt to become the first two-fisted, straight Oscar Wilde.  And this is the book that I chose for my upcoming Kindle debut.  Why?  Gut reaction.  Instinct.  And, I confess, amusement at the persistence of this weirdling's vocal yammering to be first.  I yielded only to the left brain's insistence that I fit the odd bird into the Christmas camp and change the tale's D-Day from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve.

For the second ebook, I'll lead with my left and put out the first of the crime tales featuring Boss MacTavin, a rugged 'Southern Scot'.  This is a genesis story that should make a fine independent read while providing valuable background on Boss if THE ALCATRAZ CORRECTION does make its way into print.  Left brain leading once again:  TAC, I believe, has far more commerical appeal.  Then again, if TAC doesn't find an agent, I'll have prepared it for Kindling.

Then a Xmas thriller.  Which?  I'll follow my heart.  Left, right, left, right....What a groovy dance is art!

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