Southern Scotch

Southern Scotch

Saturday, April 21, 2012

What is it about you that thrills us all so?

Your adventures are always a source of delight.  From coast to coast, word speeds and smiles appear on even children's faces:
--The thought of you seated in Starbucks, at work on the novel or screenplay that will bring you a fortune and change desperate lives.
--The famous way you hold your cup, turning it in tiny moves as you concentrate.
--The intricate ways that you balance your work and your relationships.
--The books you read!
--The films you see!
You are always on our minds.  And thoughts of what we might accomplish together--

Hold it!  Stop right there!  Do you see what's happening here?  Have you followed the progression from the loveliest word in the language--You--to the subtle bridge word--We--to the word you must know in your heart will come next--I?  You've been softened by You and the subtle use of We has planted the sereedling thought of mutual self-interest.  So I, when the word arrives, is not the same unwelcome guest it would have seemed if it showed first with a great blast of trumpets.

Yet query after query starts with I when the cold fact is:  Nobody gives a damn who you are or what you want until you've made them care.  And the easiest way to do that is to think, think hard, about the You who's under siege at his/her desk, flooded with letters and emails from incompetent, blundering I's.  Keep that in mind and it's simpler to care about You's plight and to work around You's defenses.  Play, play lovingly, with You...gently proceeding to We...and then--

Alacazam!  Hello there, it's I!   And now that I've got your attention...


  1. Very well said. "Play, play lovingly, with You...gently proceeding to We...and then--
    Alacazam! Hello there, it's I!..." I wholeheartedly agree. Show genuine interest in others before you expect them to be genuinely interested in you.--- Felicia

  2. Thanks, Felicia. I wish I learned this sooner--but if I had, possibly, I wouldn't have learned it so well.


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