A New Life in Seattle

A New Life in Seattle
August, 2018

Friday, August 23, 2013

What's wrong with a 3-day Event Beginning Monday, August 27th?

Nothing...except that Monday is August 26th--and interested readers expecting an event that ran from August 27-29 would be thwarted on both the first and last days. 

How did this happen? I see weeks as Sunday through Saturday. Amazon's scheduling calendars, though, run Monday through Sunday. Under pressure, I failed to check. No excuses--I messed up.

And I found myself in a serious jam, since I'd posted on this blog, Facebook and Goodreads--and had sent out hundreds of invitations. If I hadn't specified Monday through Wednesday, no problem: I'd have set the event back a day, using the dates I'd mistakenly picked. But I'd mentioned the days on Facebook and here, though not Goodreads.

Could this be corrected without confusing readers or ticking off hundreds of people with corrected invitations?

Solution: I've added one day to the event to accommodate all readers expecting a Monday through Wednesday event--and also readers expecting free books on the 29th.

The Open House now runs as follows:

Monday, August 26 -Thursday, August 29.

Otherwise, the Open House will run as announced: five books for free and The Suiting: 25th Anny Edition at an introductory price of $.99.

Sorry, folks. Me slip up but fix real pretty, I hope you'll agree.

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