Southern Scotch

Southern Scotch

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Reb MacRath, Action Manifester! Chapter Ten

My self-imposed two week darkness penalty will end tomorrow. And I thought about waiting until the lights were on again to sum up the adventure. On second thought, though, today makes more sense--as I stand here...


The heart of the adventure lay in making the most of the easiest parts: those days when I was working nights. After all: I worked from 10 p.m.-7:30, so I went home, slept and left to write for a few hours before work again--all in daylight. I'd learned to bathe/shampoo in darkness and could easily shave by the sunlight that streamed through the living room window. I'd learned to time icy shampooing so that my hair dried naturally by the time my shift began. The only hardships I suffered on work days were the loss of a little Prison Break before bed and my favorite oatmeal. No sweat.

Now, the 7 days off work posed the predictable problems: finding anything I'd failed to sensibly lay out at night. Those days, the adventure rocked.

But on the seven 'easy days'? I had to keep them honest too. So I turned to my Moleskine to keep me on track. I'd already used a good number of spins on my 5 basic questions. I'd played cards with Julius Caesar...I'd asked myself where and how I was still being a pussy...etc. Now I needed a fresh and appropriate tack. So...

How, I asked myself each day, can I use my new friend Darkness to ace (the question of the day)?

I began to think, think hard, of where else I still lived in Darkness: where I needed the help of more Light: employment, success on Amazon, strategizing for the upcoming move in 2014, etc.

Two weeks without power can either be nothing--or the start of something big. For me, the past 14 days have been one of the greatest adventures in an adventuresome life. Not something I can talk about with many new people I meet...but there's a difference in the walk and talk of a man who has wrestled with Darkness.

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