A New Life in Seattle

A New Life in Seattle
August, 2018

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Coming Monday: It's Open House at Reb's Place!

To celebrate the launch of The Suiting next week, I'd like to do something better than offer you digital whistles and bells.

For three days I'm putting my work up for grabs:
1) The five existing ebooks will be free from Monday, August 27 through Wednesday, August 29. There's something here for everyone: from hardboiled mayhem to romantic suspense, from magic to hot, sexy angels. If you've enjoyed my Tweets or blogs, have a free look at what I can do in a longer form.
2) The Suiting is the Stoker Award-winning novel I wrote as Kelley Wilde. I've rewritten it extensively for this 25th Anny Edition. If you enjoy horror, then I want you to have this at an Open House special low price: The Suiting will be priced at $.99 for the same three days.

That's five for not one penny....and one for less than a buck. That's how an Open House is run at what I call MacRathWorld.

You'll find the first five books all listed here, along with the newest: The Suiting.


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