Southern Scotch

Southern Scotch

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Alcatraz Correction: Countdown

The manuscript has been to Jo Harrison for formatting.  Though I'd love to rush it online, I'll resist.  And I'll hold back for two reasons:
1)  In the formatting process, things...happen.  Little glitches arise that are tricky to spot for the writer who's proofed a text two-dozen times...but are sure to hit readers like sand in their eyes.  Needed:  a line-by-line proofing, as if for the very first time.  I should have the ms. back from Jo early this week and will take till the weekend to proof it.
2)  Through the week of the 21st, I'll prepare Amazon copy, spread the word on various forums...and prepare for a huge event including not only this book but my other three on Kindle.

Stay tuned.  Further details here and on FB.  Join me soon in cracking the riddle of The Rock.

Expected launch date:  Oct. 28.

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