Southern Scotch

Southern Scotch

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Coming Attractions

Stay tuned for two big Q&As:
1) Brad Strickland, now writing as Ken McKea, will talk about his hot new Jim Dallas thrillers and tell us how he's succeeded in working both sides of the publishing fence: traditional and ebook.  Brad's been with the same agent for some 25 years but writes what he pleases, regardless of whether his agent can market that work.  This Q&A will appear later this month to coincide with the launch of Eden Feint, the third Jim Dallas title.
2) Claude Bouchard will break new ground in 'Claude Bouchard Unchained'...the Q&A that goes where other interviewers haven't dared.  The contents are Top Secret but the Q&A will be well worth your wait.  Date:  the first week in November.


  1. Looking forward to it!
    Louise Sorensen
    louise3anne twitter

  2. Thanks, Louise. Here's hoping that you enjoy them both.


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