Southern Scotch

Southern Scotch

Monday, March 19, 2012

Reb Baby Learns to Boogie--Yeahhhhhhhhhh!

Dressed in my cozy old slippers--old ways--I found that I'd started to drift from my aim:  to learn how to get down and dance on the Web.  True, I'd learned a few cool tricks since starting:  I'd got this blog's heart beating...I'd started to network on Facebook...I'd even tried out a free website and committed to getting my backlog into print as ebooks.

But today I shucked off the old slippers and asked:  What am I still not doing?  What do I need to do better?  What new grooves do I have to train my old brain to get into? 

Today my brain started to party.  For starters, I took the plunge and connected this blog to Google-plus.  Until today, visits here have ranged from one or two up to a high of 8.  Today, within an hour of connecting with Google, there've been 9 visits.  Inspired, I drew up a list of the books that I wrote in the Desert.  I divided these into two camps:  dark Christmas and crime thrillers.  Question:  How could I present these to readers as a  single 'brand' from Reb MacRath?  How could I clarify the 'Southern Scotch' tag that I've clung to for years?  How could I tell readers what Southern Scotch can DO for them and how delicious bit tastes?  And how could I hustle the hell out of the first ebook at a cost even I could afford?

Right.  You guessed it.  Reb MacRath, Southern Scot, wended his electro-footed way around the Web...and found a site for cool, cheap cards.  But-but-but-but...could this old coot REALLY dance and design a card that was sooooo smokin' hot it would leave people screamin' to have one?

Excuse me while I boogie on.  In a world where we're all hot for answers, the excitement begins with the questions:  bigger and bolder and better.  Getting back to Southern Scotch...what if I added this tagline:

Targan goolies, Dixie soul.

Let the new footwork acquire more dazzle, young Reb!

P.S. 7/1/13: Since this post was written, all-time visits to the blog are about 8000--with 1500 of those being in the past two months. 

7/29/13: Total visits have soared to 10,000--with 2000 of those in the past month.

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