Southern Scotch

Southern Scotch

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Ebooking of Reb MacRath/Or: Playing Cards With 50 Cent, Part 2

A great agent is reading The Big One.  No guarantees but fingers crossed.  Still I've been changed by playing cards with 50 Cent for six good months.  (See the earlier post on this subject.)  The three key lessons learned by letting rap's Napoleon whip my butt night after night have been these:
--The imperative of training, all day long and every day, to grow bolder and more fearless.
--The need to advance daily toward ownership--of both my work and my independence.
--The three-alarm essentiality of becoming more fluid and more creative in the compromises I allow to circumstance.

Well!  What's all that leading up to, you ask.  The traditional publishing fate for The Big One is out of my hands for the moment.  This is the time to stay cool and have faith.  That said, I'm left with a tower of books that I wrote in my years in the desert.  They were written for love, not for money.  Composition time ranged from one to three years, no deadline pressure over me.  I set out, in each of these, to meet the following goals:  to delight, astonish, amuse and inspire readers to want to read more.  The books are short by most standards:  50,000-70,000 words.  And they're long on discipline, fiery passion and faith.  None ever had its chance in court--the real court, of public opinion.

Now that's about to change.  Reb MacRath's Desert Storm is finally about to begin.  The first, trial entry, called THE VANISHING MAGIC OF SNOW, will be available for the first soon as I can master Amazon's formatting challenges.  That done, I'll release eight or nine more over the next 18 months, if readers are open to stories that are more than a little bit different.

So, thank you, thank you, 50 Cent!  Let's see how well your student's learned--and, for God's sake, let me win a hand.

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