Southern Scotch

Southern Scotch

Saturday, March 24, 2012

I eat, I ate--I Tweet, I...Twate?

Tweeted, I believe.  But I do have a lot to learn--make that almost everything--on the whole subject of Twitter.  And that's okay by me.  I've always been an explorer and I look forward to the trip.  This is my prelim report after only a couple of days.

1)  There's really nothing to setting up a Twitter account.  Deciding how to use it becomes very quickly a matter of both time and energy.  You'll need to make Follow choices in order to get your name out and about.  But Follow unwisely and you'll pay a price.  E.G.:  Within minutes of Following Huffington Post, the 'internet newspaper', my screen began flooding with hundreds of news links.  Dozens...then hundreds.  Likewise, when I Followed an online writer who'd elected to Follow me, I received more Tweets from him than from Huffington Post.  I had no choice but to unFollow both fast.  On the other hand, I had to reach I decided to try my luck keywording writers and subjects of real and sincere interest to me.  This will take time but I took the right path.
2)  A few examples will suffice.  I keyworded Prison Break, my favorite TV series--and was able to find Tweet links to several major players, ranging from one producer to a couple of the stars.  My immediate goal is to say Hi There and Thanks for that terrific show.  Nothing more.  But in good time, I may have a project of interest--and just possibly an open door.  Established writers, on the other hand, are hit on from all sides by fools asking them for favors, although they've never met.  Twitter allows us the chance to enjoy limited personal contact with writers we admire.  We get to introduce ourselves.  And if our company's found to be cool, these old pros may care to check us out when we've battled our way through the arena and made our way into print.  Till then, how much cooler can it get than to be able to Tweet Peter Straub, David Morrell, Joe Finder, etc.--and be Tweeted in return?
3)  Keywording 'manifestation' resulted in some leads that I intend to follow--since the subject of my first ebook, THE VANISHING MAGIC OF SNOW, is one man's attempt to manifest his way out of The Great Recession. 
4)  Meantime, it's also wise to pay attention to the pros.  50 Cent, predictably, is Tweet-drumming up a tidal wave of interest in his new album in July.  New novelist Peter Farris is cannily Tweeting his first book, LAST CALL FOR THE LIVING.  David Morrell makes magnificent use of both Twitter and Facebook to strengthen a personal bond with his fans that few other writers can rival.  Joe Finder's breathing down his neck.  And so I watch as I stumble.

An update will follow soon.  Meanwhile, gotta Tweet away!

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