A New Life in Seattle

A New Life in Seattle
August, 2018

Sunday, January 15, 2017

W.A.R.! First Monthly Acid Reflux Report

The foe I thought I'd vanquished in skirmishes over the years came back in full force with the new year. And I was left prostrate and groaning in misery. But why? I hadn't done anything different. And I'd made some real lifestyle improvements.
--I'd quit drinking and smoking.
--I'd completely given up coffee, even decaf.
--I drank no carbonated drinks.
--I ate little meat, mainly chicken or turkey. A hot dog or a burger once or twice a year.
--I'd pretty much given up dairy.
--I was in decent physical shape.
--I avoided extra-spicy foods.

And yet, here it came bigger than ever. And I still didn't know what to call it. Indigestion? Heartburn?  Gastritis? (God forbid anything worse.) I began with the three things I did know:
--The attacks were worst at night, starting as soon as I climbed into bed.
--Then, when I turned from side to side, I felt...well, something moving within me. Liquid? Gas? Acid?
--Acid made a lot of sense since I'd come to realize that I could eat grapes, melons, apples without any discomfort--but citrus fruits hit me hard.

So...where would Google lead me on a search of acid + indigestion?


I was shocked to learn how many of the reported symptoms had my name.
--Violent attacks of hiccups.
--Combination hiccup-burps.
--Intolerance of high-fat and spicy as well as highly acidic foods (even those I loved the best: e.g. spaghetti, chicken parmesan...)
--Difficulty swallowing.

Seriously? Come on, now: how could recent hoarseness and the feeling of food being blocked in my throat possibly be linked to Reflux? 

Turns out the extra acid shooting back up the esophagus can splash the larynx and throat, damaging their tissues.

I had a choice to make and did not make it lightly. I could submit to a battery of ruinously expensive tests from a slew of specialists. Or I could declare W.A.R. (War Against Reflux), starting off with a stringent food elimination list.

At all costs I would avoid:


Coffee--regular or decaf
Tea, except herbal...and taken very weak
Acidic comfort foods: spaghetti, chicken parmesan
Processed foods
Any food after 5:00 p.m.

                        A Day in the New Life

As of 2:00 p.m. I've had:

1 cup of ginger tea

1 bowl of blueberry oatmeal

Two-thirds of a bottle of water:


And, just now while I write: Apple slices with wee dollops of almond butter.

At 3:00 I'll enjoy a small salad:

Then, finally, at 4:00, the last food I'll take for the day: a cup of Vegan, non-tomato-based soup:

Don't cry for me, Argentina--I plan to sleep like a baby!

This is my report.


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