A New Life in Seattle

A New Life in Seattle
August, 2018

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Reb MacRath's Revolutionary 6-Week Rotation Rock

Get this: while men and women in desperate straights would sell their souls for a little more time, I sat counting the weeks until April. Specifically:

At 4:30 P.M., seated in my cabin on the Amtrak Empire Builder, I'll begin the first leg of my cross-country train trip, with a three-day stop in Buffalo. The trip is important for me in so many ways, family and personal, that I've found myself literally counting the days. Sometimes, in fact, I almost wished that the next six weeks could fall off the face of the clock.

Today, though, something clicked inside me. I saw how obscene it was to waste any of the time we're allotted...and how I might change the passive waiting game into a rousing adventure. I began with a question I didn't much like: what are the things I want so badly to escape from?

And what could I do to change


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Epiphany: I don't gotta wait six weeks until I leave...I get to use the next six weeks to tackle the things that had cried for escape.

Six weeks... What if I focused on the six top issues? And instead of attacking them daily, all-out, what if I focused on one for a week while not ignoring the others? In other words, I might focus one week out of six on one particular issue while not forsaking the others. Goal: combine action with planning and meditation. I went on to see the next six weeks as a trial run. At the end of my vacation, I can start the next rotation, devoting nearly nine weeks every year to a focused attack on six issues.

Here are my opening six:
Week 1) The Body: I'm still not where I want to be. Focus on fine-tuning workouts and nutrition, perfecting a mostly raw diet.
Week 2) The Castle: whipping my studio into the shape I'd imagined 18 months ago. For this rotation I'll focus on immediate needs: an intensive, impeccable cleaning...organization of still-boxed papers...acquisition of more essential furnishings...
Week 3) Ruby Reb: If I had a dream nickname, then this would be it. Impeccably groomed, immaculately garbed, wearing and carrying only the best. Let no fashion Nazi find even one rogue nose hair on the mug of Ruby Reb.
Week 4) The Entertainer: Make the cleaned and organized Castle a more inviting place for guests. 
Week 5) The Friend: I'll focus extra hard on personal relationships. This will include mending bridges when possible...and casting off dead weight when bridges can't be fixed. I'll make time to show how much I value the friends I now have. And I'll try to make more new ones.
Week 6) The Successful Writer: While I'll continue to write every day, this week I'll focus extra-hard on succeeding in the eBook arena. Goal: to join the elite club of those who write full-time. Network and bond this week, study and learn from the clever, filthy rich.

Not bad for a first rotation, I think. But all work and no joy makes for torpedoed intentions.

Sooooo, as we say in Seattle, Ruby Reb's allowing himself a fine treat every Wednesday.

Next week, I'll review week one and tell you of my treat.

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