A New Life in Seattle

A New Life in Seattle
August, 2018

Friday, January 2, 2015

Weekly or Daily Weakly News? My New Blog Direction

Well, thanks to all of you, I've given myself a fine challenge this year: to strengthen this blog through more regular posts and to give the blog more definition. Frequency first: how could I post here more often while contributing to two other blogs monthly and working on a new novel? Correction: how could I post here more often in a way that's best for readers?

Two posts a week should do the trick, so long as the posts score high points for usefulness, insight and pith. Far too many blogs I've seen go on for thousands of words. Who has time? A few hundred words are more like it for me--and when I read, I want those few to be as tightly edited as in a well-written novel. The blog goal that works best for me: Be brief, be blunt, be gone.

So much for frequency and length. On now to content, with you again in mind. Two posts a week about writing seems more than a little bit yawny to me. But maybe you'd enjoy a weekly split along these lines:
1) one post a week about writing and...
2) one post a week about something that strikes my fancy--or gets my goat, And there's a long list, bubbaloos, of things that do get the MacRathian goat.

I want you to know when you come to this blog that, whatever the day's menu, you'll be pleasantly filled but not stuffed...the ingredients will be fresh and lovingly prepared...and the service will never be hurried or slow.

The first proper New Year post will deal with the challenge I faced in constructing a dayplanner customized to my own needs.

As you've guessed, that isn't mine. I came up with something that, I guess, looks like hell...but is working like  a charm. And I'll tell you about it on Monday, 1/5.

Your seat will be waiting. And I think you'll like the reboot made with you in mind.

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