A New Life in Seattle

A New Life in Seattle
August, 2018

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My New Digs: Or Thinking Bigger

My search for a Seattle studio took a discouraging turn: I was told that none of the cheaper studios were available right now. And since tenants there don't give their notice till the 11th of the month, even if one did come up, I couldn't move in till October. (I arrive on 9/5). Though the smallest units were tiny--just 250 square feet--the rent would have been about the same that I'd be pay if I stayed on in Charlotte. Plus, the building itself was a landmark with good views of Pioneer Square and the waterfront. Within easy walking distance were the Aquarium, the Ferries, Waterfront Park...plus top cares and restaurants. I could walk to my new store in 10-15 minutes., instead of commuting 3 round trip hours a day.

The available units were 527 square feet--and $170 more expensive...or just under $900. Poverty thinking set in. I despaired.

But then I began to consider: with my salary and new extra income I could make this work. And the boost to quality of life couldn't be ignored:

With the extra space I could set up my a real home office. And with the high-speed internet connections offered by the building, I could do more work at home--longer hours, on my schedule--not the store hours of Starbucks or any other cafe. Furthermore, all my past digs have reflected my scarcity thinking: this is all I can do on the little I have (no chance of doing better).

I've applied for the largest studio, one reflecting the growth in my spirit.

Of course, there remains the small matter of furnishing it when I arrive! But I'm tapping into abundance, not into a negative sinkhole--and step by step, day by day, I'll make my new place mine.

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