A New Life in Seattle

A New Life in Seattle
August, 2018

Friday, March 14, 2014

A very special announcement

Literary Factories 2 will appear next week. Till then, here's a little news that you'll soon be able to use:

In April I will launch a second blog, this one devoted to the fall Seattle move. The surface subject will be the strategies and actions involved in a cross-country move by one man with little money and no job lined up when he gets there. An adventure story with me playing Liam Neeson, taking on the inner demons who say it can't be done.

But the theme within that subject is where you come in. You may not be planning a cross-country move, but there's something big you'd like to do...and just maybe the thought scares you silly: you want to write a novel--or, now that you've written it, find a first-rate agent...you want to quit drinking or smoking...you want to lose forty pounds...etc. Now, you may not be strapped for cash--but the odds are very good that you're strapped for something you need to succeed: confidence, faith, knowledge, will power. And in your own way, you'll have to start planning moves as if you were Julius Caesar.

In addition to giving this blog a new look, I'm taking pains to structure it so that it's easy to follow and easy for you to apply to your needs. For instance, one entire part will deal with the trashing of garbage and clutter, the fine art of traveling light. And this part will contain updates. At the same time, a part called Applications will suggest correlations between this and other parts to some other quests: e.g., parallels abound between packing and editing a book...

Other parts will concern the campaigns to land a job and place to stay before the actual move and to orchestrate the timing.

Stay tuned for the April blog. My own struggles should entertain you. But the blog will find its wings through our connected stories.

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