A New Life in Seattle

A New Life in Seattle
August, 2018

Friday, July 26, 2013

Reb MacRath, Action Manifester! Chapter Seven

Small adventures have occurred along with a couple of great ones between the last chapter and this one.

In the first Moleskine, I had enough space left for one final set of Five (the template of questions I use). From the start I'd known the importance of keeping the wind in my sails when I could--and preserving the strength to row when I could not. Still, the first Moleskine had been a good friend and I wanted to finish it on a high note.

Out of nowhere, the two words 'spiritual bounce' began to have their way with me. And, as they did, I found myself approaching the now familiar questions with a sharp new edge:
How could I bring more spiritual bounce to erasing two top Don't Wants from my list of brood abouts?
How could I bring more spiritual bounce to two Do Wants I need to achieve?
And so on, through my list of five.

Bounce implied, to me, a note of boldness, save and verve instead just grim perseverance. And I had my work cut out for me--for on the very first day, I found myself caught in a stormy situation that called for still more bounce...and then more bounce. At the same time, I filled the section marked:
Inspired Actions
--Began serious efforts to repair past family stress lines.
--Continued rewriting The Suiting.
--Began consulting with a photographer for a new Facebook/Twitter/Amazon photo.
--Continued Top Secret plans with my new best friend for a big move in 2014.
--Set up an intensified workout routine for the October photo event.

Enter Moleskine #2
At the start of my fourteenth set of Five, I'd worked the same format for 65 days. Though I'd added special spices, the founding principle had stayed the same: one of 5 questions per day, addressed in the same format. . Lead Question...Perception...Clearances(things that need to be clear in my head)...Intention Imagined Now...Inspired Actions...(Workout record, 3-4 times a week.)

I decided to shake this up not once but twice:
1) I'd really dig in this time and devote two full days to each question, doubling the page count for notes. And I would study the book relentlessly each day, monitoring my progress.
2) I'd drifted a bit from the 'card game' I'd played with 50 Cent for two years: a deck of cards containing quotes from The 50th Law. Now I saw how to incorporate these into the new Moleskine--but in a brand new way. For each two-day session I would 'play' one card.
E.G.: How can I apply this 50th Law card to my top thing to be 'cleared'?
Issue: concern about age.
Card: 'Shit into sugar.'
Lesson: 50 Cent's greatest advantage was the feeling that he'd already hit rock bottom and, so, had nothing to lose.

And so, in the spirit of Bounce, I began.
Inspired Actions resulting:
--Began checking on Norelco and other personal groomers for photo.
--Continued talks with photographer, checking out photos of models to use.
--Checked for character props for photo: kilt, eye patch, applique tattoo...
--Dealt with job-threatening crisis at work.
--Prepared list of questions for interview with Leverett Butts.
--Contacted W., a Charlotte writer, re meeting for coffee and guidance on my search of a editing/proofing       position 
--Finished typing The Suiting.
--Began reading next book to review.
--Began growing mustache like Boss MacTavin's for the photo--and changed diet to further reduce body fat for photo.

Yes, Action Manifesting does require work. But the first Moleskine set me up nicely. And the second, more intensive, one should make a world of difference.

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