A New Life in Seattle

A New Life in Seattle
August, 2018

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Pony is Still in the Race--and Here's Why

My proposed withdrawal of Nobility has started to heat up. If you've got the time to read about 10,000 words you can read John A. A. Logan's post that accuses me, among other things, of having been lonely last Christmas and having some family issues, as well as telling nefarious lies. Or you can read this post on Kindleboards from one of the festival runners. See the top post, by Julie:


Know this: I never intended to smear the festival, its committee or the other writers. I tried to make that clear. That I'd received an inappropriate cannot be denied. I expressed my concern that others might also have been contacted--and this same possibility occurred to Julie Dawson. I did not name John Logan and I refused to do so when Julie asked for his name and/or a copy of the email. I wanted to pull my book. 

Now this: Since the voting has already started, I'm told, if I were to pull Nobility, the festival would have no choice but to close the entire category. I swapped emails wit Ms. Dawson and grew convinced that the festival itself was beyond reproach and the committee was on the watch for any sign of vote manipulation. 

Was I wrong in wanting to pull the book? No, I don't believe I was and I have the email to prove it. But I never smeared the festival and I can't be responsible for shutting down a whole category. So my pony is still in the race. And this makes twice that I've now tried to do right on this issue.

As for John A A Logan, I revere his past work. But he shouldn't have sent me that email. No lie.

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