A New Life in Seattle

A New Life in Seattle
August, 2018

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Series Interruptus: a Claude Bouchard adventure: Chapter One

You know what it's like. At least you do if you have favorite authors who are extemely prolific. Tending to one list, you let your others fall behind. Then, in turn, you turn to another...And so on and so forth. Soon enough, you've fallen behind on nearly of them. And you have that sinking feeling: How can you ever get caught up with X or Y or Z? You're ready to play Reading Bingo.

Your frustration is compounded when you're hooked on several series. In my case, I got hooked on Claude Bouchard's Vigilante series: loving their quirky wit, shocking twists and stylish prose. At the same time, I admired two series by Russell Blake, who's capable of writing 8 or 9 novels a year. And I do like to try to keep up with James Patterson,,,Michael Connelly...Harlan Coben...Robert Crais...and on and on and on.

This would be no problem if I were Pam Stack, capable of reading 400 novels a year.

But aside from reading, I work full-time and write a few hours each day.

Which brings us back to Claude Bouchard, whose 13th Vigilante novel has just hit the online shelf. 

Make it Happen (Vigilante Series) (Volume 13)

The subject interests me and I really dig the fact that CB took his time with this, refusing to hurry the novel along. But I drifted about midway through the series--blame that on Russell Blake--and in time I starting wondering if I could recover from Series Interruptus

Still, now that I'd written a number of standalone Boss MacTavin mysteries...and have just finished a new spinoff series...I wanted to approach CB's #13 as a new reader--and see how cleverly and carefully he brings a new reader into the fold.

Step one: today I ordered a Kindle Sample.  Tonight, I'll see if the sample compels me to part with cold cash.

Tomorrow: my reaction.

Then, if all goes well: my end report of this book as a standalone...how it works as such--and why...and if it succeeds in sending me back to #6. 

Till then.

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