A New Life in Seattle

A New Life in Seattle
August, 2018

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

I Quit: The Rousing Conclusion

At the end of Part 1, there were no guarantees. We left Reb MacRath in a thoroughly imperiled position.

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Less than a year before I'd aced a phone interview for a plum position...only to fall short in the next week's one on one. Here, once again, the phone pow-wow went well and I was called in the following week. Over the weekend--gut reaction, as I wrote--I gave my notice on the present job. One week, instead of two.

I had a powerfully positive feeling about the Wednesday interview, though I knew much better than to count my chickens yet. So Thursday, when I wrote the post, anything was possible. But then, at 4:00, the call came through. One of those moments we live for:

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I ended up not returning to work. Another thing conventional wisdom pretty much forbids. But once again my instincts served me well.
1) The staffing agency and the new employer wanted me to move quickly on medical tests, which ended up taking most of Friday...and part of Monday morning too.
2) My commitment and availability were also being judged. If I'd been at work on either of those last two days, I'd have missed out on important job-related calls.
3) Worse still, I wouldn't have been paid a penny for either of those final days.. I only learned on payday, 6/24, that my paycheck was shorted by 38 hours--collecting in part for Paid Time Off I'd taken but not earned...and that they'd decided to hijack my last check completely.

What can I say? What can anyone say but


Thank you, dear instinct, for being on the button. It's better than good to have gone.

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