A New Life in Seattle

A New Life in Seattle
August, 2018

Monday, February 2, 2015

Two Books for a Buck...and Other Benefits

The dual event is on this week--and for the first three days you can download two of my best books for $.99. You'll find the links for each book below.--with some good reasons to download.

Free Event: 02/2-02/06The Vanishing Magic of Snow--a reformatted and revised edition.
Benefits: Previous readers receive a free, properly formatted edition with light but important revisions. Others can enjoy a tale unlike anything else that's on Kindle--without charge. TVMOS will have special appeal for all readers who share my interest in the subject of manifestation, as popularized in The Secret. It concerns one ruined man's use of magic to escape The Great Recession--with a risky trick that killed his friend. Partly set in Toronto in the 1970s, TVMOS features cameos by some well-known people including: Leonard Cohen, Margaret Atwood, Linda Lovelace, Xaviera Hollander...

Amazon Countdown Event: 02/02-02/09: Red Champagne--the second book from my new formatter and the first with my new cover artist. The Countdown Event offers layered savings before a return to the regular price:
02/02: $.99
02/05: $1.99
02/09: $2.99
Benefits: Red Champagne  has been described as combining Groundog Day and The Great Train Robbery. Extensive research puts readers on board the legendary train, The Twentieth Century Limited, in 1938. And in this book I've drawn on my background as a professional writer to give readers a unique thrill ride combining mystery, fantasy and magic. Reviewers have agreed that they've never read anything like it.

So, buy now...and save big...while you receive rich benefits!

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