A New Life in Seattle

A New Life in Seattle
August, 2018

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Reb MacRath, Action Manifester: Flash Bulletin 6: Part 2

Part 1 laid out my strategy of 'writing' my way out of a corner that fear and inertia had painted me in. I'd treat the move as if I were writing a long book--breaking it down into doable parts...then breaking those down into each day's work. These parts resembled chapters...and, in the adventure, as in a good book, I had to keep things moving at a good clip and in a clear progression. So far, so good.

I saw the parts quite clearly: deciding on a date...selecting employers to approach and ways of doing so effectively months in advance...figuring how to coordinate leaving my apartment in August, when the lease expires, and finding a room till it's time to move...etc.

I set into action mode by downsizing with a vengeance: filling giant trash bags with everything I didn't need. Within a week I'd bagged and trashed about 600 pounds and felt that I was on my way. Even so, however, I needed something more: I needed a turbocharged version of the secret weapon I'd invented in November.

I can't reveal its name yet or all of its specifics. But it's 'job description' may prove to be equally useful. It needed to be pocket-sized...capable of tracking my steps easily and monitoring my progress...giving me daily updates of my status with the timeline...and it had to drive me relentlessly to take more significant action.

With the changed weapon at my service, I:
--Began organizing all personal papers while bagging more trash.
--Contacted truckers and storage firms for quotes.
--Revised my basic resume, intended for clerical work, and began to draft a new one for editorial or proofreading work.
--Registered with a nationwide temp agency.
--Returned to gym after months of home workouts.
--Completed the recovery of my lost new novel, soon to be my seventh ebook.
--Emailed the publisher of a Seattle paper about my doing a column when I arrive.

I think I can say I'm approaching high gear!

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