Southern Scotch

Southern Scotch

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Reb MacRath, Action Manifester! Flash Bulletin #3

This flash is another game changer. Nearly six months into this adventure in manifestation, I had an insight that changed me:

The insights and tools I've made use of this far have all worked well: the rotations of five questions, the new 2 to three-day Playbooks, the list of 'inspired actions'...But, without abandoning those, I needed to sharpen my focus. Something to guide, even compel, me to take relentless daily action. Analysis was helpful. And planning was still groovier. But I needed a weapon to take to the field--one whose power would grow with each skirmish. And I needed a way to keep my sense of urgency ALIVE.

I invented the weapon 11/7-11/9 and put it to use 11/10, hacking at enemy hurdles that stand between me and my goals: financial, artistic, personal, physical. And I began with a driving sense of the need for secrecy. This has never been one of my strong points. By nature, I'm inclined to share and answer almost any question. No more. 

Among the things I won't discuss online: anything relating to my 'business office': release dates, numbers of sales, red hot links I use, etc...These things I'll share only with the most trusted friends and supporters

Among the things I will discuss? Oh, Lord, the blog won't die! It'll be livelier than ever here with posts about writing itself, writers I have known, reviews and more.

Timeline: This first version of the weapon has a 1-year timeline that will end 11/09/2014. At the end, I will share the specifics I've held back through the year--including sales. I'll list the goals I set--which I accomplished and where I fell short.

 Keeping it honest: I have one adviser to help me gauge my progress and to keep this on the level. I'll report to her twice a month with actions taken and results.

All will be revealed in November 2014. 

Once I've passed the finish line, I'll share the wealth will all.


  1. Are you a man or a machine?! You're currently working on a book, right? Now, you've set up a year-long action manifesto! Have you ever heard of the term 'vacation?' lol

  2. Felicia, I'll take a great vacation when the year is up. :)


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