Southern Scotch

Southern Scotch

Monday, September 2, 2013

Reb MacRath, Action Manifester! Chapter Eleven

Your feet themselves will tell you when it's time to find new footwork.

Though much has been accomplished since I began this log in May, much still remains to be done one third of the way through the year.

Manifestations accomplished so far:
--Completion of extended fast--weight loss of 30 lbs.
--Decided to where I want to live next year and corresponded re the logistics with a special west coast friend.
--Landing second job to prepare for cross-country move next year.
--Completion and publication of 25th anniversary edition of The Suiting, my first book as Kelley Wilde.
--Staged a successful Kindle 4-day 5-book free event to help launch The Suiting.
--Began second draft of the third Boss MacTavin novel.
--Discovered a company I want to work for full-time and began a campaign to get hired. More money frees me to work just one job.
--Succeeded in repairing some strained personal relations. 
--Began organizing all references for both job change and future move.
--Began intense physical training for a fall photograph to replace the current photo used on this blog, FB, Goodreads and Amazon.Goal: not to mirror my hero Boss MacTavin's rail-thin, ripped physique--but to more closely suggest it.
--Changed my hairstyle and grew a Boss-style mustache, then set up appointment for a trim and coloring before the photo.
--Found the photographer whom I want to work with: a man with a serious edge to his style.
--Fine-tuned the way in which I use my Moleskine logs.

Key new tacks: 
1) Expanding theme entries from daily to 2-3 days--to afford me time to really dig into an issue.
2) Adding a Playbook section to each new entry: things that needed doing before I moved on.

Not bad. for four months' work. And the better I get at the Moleskines, the higher the ground I should reach.


I've begun to feel tied-down by the structure of these 'chapters'. With a four-month foundation beneath me, I need to try something different. For the second four-month stretch, I'll post occasional Bulletin/Report Cards: the goal being not only to record my progress but to compel me to act. And I don't plan to be a gentle taskmaster either, not with Julius Caesar and 50 Cent waiting to play cards each night. 

The time has come to shake things up.

The 12th chapter will be a party of sorts before I enter the arena of the second third. And I will list the weaknesses and issues I need to conquer, then devise my battle plans.

Stay tuned. The adventure is about to take some sexy turns....along with some pretty damned bold ones.

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