A New Life in Seattle

A New Life in Seattle
August, 2018

Monday, May 20, 2013

Reb MacRath, Action Manifester! Chapter Two

So! Knowing the wind would abandon my sails at some point in my journey, I set out with my trusty Moleskine, adhering to the plan I set forth in the opening chapter: 2 pages daily, five themes repeated with minor variations to keep my interest sparked and enable me to probe deeper each round.

Round One: 
1)What Don't I Want? 
2)What Do I Want? 
3)What Are My Top Priority Blocks to be Cleared? 
4)Which Intentions Do I Most Need to Feel I've Already Achieved? 
5)Where Do I Most Need to Start Letting Go? 

 These began my daily 2-page logs. After each,I made notes on the following four issues (to give the number 5 more legs): a daily perception...a "Clearing" exercise in which I tried to break through a blockage...an Intention Imagined Now, or detailed visualization...and a list of the day's related or Inspired Actions.

Round Two: 
The same except, I narrowed my focus this round to the top two answers for each question: solutions that would have the most impact on the remaining items.

Round Three will start tomorrow, the basic plan for it being to focus on the one item of each two that's proving to be the top challenge. The Inspired Action section has been the biggest boon, compelling me to take the actions that will fuel the manifestations to come.

Three action-packed examples: 
1) Even after losing 25-plus pounds on a longish fast, I remained unpleased with my physique. I wanted to look like my fictional hero, Boss MacTavin: rail-thin and totally ripped. I was thinner, but not rail-thin and I'd lost all of my muscle bulk and most of my tone. In Round Two I began a modified version of the Matthew McConaughey workout: 500-700 crunches spread throughout the day...and as many pushups as I can manage in sets staggered through the day. I'm already beginning to see some results...and the daily entries in my log have galvanized my psyche.
2) I needed to start fighting smarter to achieve success on Amazon. My 5 ebooks had attracted some notice, along with some glowing reviews. But readers couldn't buy my books if they didn't see them. After reviewing Making a Killing on Kindle, I came to two conclusions: my series titles on Amazon were hurting me, not helping me--particularly pitching three fine thrillers as Chistmas tales. And the 'product descriptions' I'd slaved on needed some drastic fine-tuning as well. Inspired actions: I networked with some colleagues on Authors Electric, who confirmed what I suspected--and offered some useful suggestions. I spent two full days trying this and trying that before finding the precise angles of attack I thought would win the fight. I went on to spend a full morning changing everything on Amazon and making sure all the new keywords were woven into the new book descriptions.
3) I did some serious juggling of my new two-job schedule. Until I can find the ideal day job that enables me to quit working nights, I need to be a juggler. The two schedules will conflict from time to time. And when I can't call out without risk, I may need to do back to back shifts during the holiday season. We'll see. If I keep my focus on Inspired Action, things will work out fine.

Upcoming Inspired Actions: back to the real gym tomorrow...Continued revising/retyping of the 25th anny edition of The Suiting...Return to the Singles arena.

Stay tuned!

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