Southern Scotch

Southern Scotch

Friday, December 7, 2012

Coming December 15: The Raw Truth and Writing

A periodic chronicle of one strayed man's attempt to regain his lost Salad Days, his first stay in California as The San Francisco Kid: the juice and raw food loving health nut who'd put booze and tobacco behind him, along with meat and flour and sugar...

How many times I've strayed since then!  Though I stopped drinking completely, I've yo-yo'ed on pretty much everything else.  In my year now without a smoke, and thirty years off alcohol, I set out now as a serious man to regain the vim and vigor of The S. F. Kid.

But you come here for news about writing, you say.  Ah, but what could be more about writing than the fuel I feed both my body and brain?  What could be more about writing than earning more time and health to compose?

I'll keep my reports short and lively.  I'll be totally upfront and candid.  Drop by on December 15 to witness my poignant, heartbreaking goodbye--and that's goodbye forever--to Dove Chocolate, Ben & Jerry's ice cream, Red Baron's pizza and the whole rest of the gang.  Forget Rhett and Scarlet.  You'll hear the cellos hit low G and strings take wing.

Till then.

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