Southern Scotch

Southern Scotch

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Numbers, Part 2: Summary of Free Event

So, I'd had a bad day and things didn't bode well with a solitary sale of my new book, NOBILITY.  Here's an update that may be of interest for those who may have gotten the willies themselves, from time to time, thinking of numbers.

Do you remember what I said about the Power of One?  My fortune took an incredible turn when one writer I've come to admire, John A A Logan, set aside most of a day he could have spent on himself to help get me into gear.  About twenty e-mails from Scotland set out to teach me the basics of the electrifying new dance, The Ebook Big-Time Hustle.  John sent pages of links for reviewers, blogs, forums, sites.  And, knowing that I was pressed for time and in the very center of a two-day two-book free event, he listed it on the key sites--in both the UK and the US!

One, one, one, one:  the first review came in...from John.  And it was a beauty.  He then recommended the book to a nine-year fan of his own work--and this led to a second five-star review.  Then a third came in.  And then a fourth, from Kirkus MacGowan:  four stars.

Meanwhile, Logan advised me that my book was well-placed on Kindle bestseller free download charts.  And a terrific review appeared for SOUTHERN SCOTCH--from Brad Strickland. My own words came flashing through my brain:  the Power of One consists of not just one but this one and that one and that one.

Today's reports show about 400 downloads over the two days--and that was with a late start in the UK  and little exposure on Goodreads so far.  And that's directly following one solitary sale the day before the event.  Brothers and sisters, I swear by these words:  take care of the this one and that one and the gods will look after your numbers in time.  Salut!

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