Southern Scotch

Southern Scotch

Friday, June 29, 2012

Reb MacRath and His Sexy New Partner

She's a curvy little thing, built just the way I like 'em:  compact, sleek and hard-bodied.  I take her everywhere with me.  And, for all practical purposes, we've gotten hitched:

Reb and his new Kindle reader w/Wi-Fi and 3G.

Oh, I know, there are fancier readers around, with gadgets that might make me pant.  And I know, I know, now and then there will be books I'll want to have in print form.  My baby won't have any problem with that because she knows I love her so.

Portable?  You bet she is!  Not all that much bigger than a large index card, she weighs well under half a pound and fits easily in a coat pocket.

Convenient?  Aye, she surely is.  In addition to two dictionaries included, she can hold hundreds of books and I can travel without Customs needing to examine them.  Nor need I pause to wonder which books to bring along with me.  With just a little button work, I can switch from one book to another...and the Kindle will always remember precisely where I left off.  Furthermore, the cool screen and ink display allow me to read indoors or outdoors in almost any light.

Writer-friendly?  She's that too.  I'm reading a nonfiction book to review and don't need my usual rigamarole:  pencils and index cards.  I can highlight passages I like while adding notes as I go.  Done reading, I'll pull up my notes and highlights, and write a no-sweat, informed review.

Cheap?  Who wouldn't love such a cheap date?  So far, this first week, I've downloaded two books for under $4.00 apiece, and three more for free.

Even so, all this considered, some will wonder nervously:  But are e-books really books?  Friends, in terms of human time, books as we've known them amount to roughly a couple of heartbeats.  But stories date back to the dawn of mankind.  Readers aren't having much trouble adjusting to the change. Now writers need to hustle to the beat of a groovy new drum.

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